About Nordik

Nordik was started in August 2021 by Shane Davies-Nilsson, with the first pop-up in October 2021.

Shane, having been in the industry 11 years at that point, felt that the time was right to start cooking his brand of food With Scandinavian cusine at the fore, but British produce where possible.

Nordik however, has evolved along with Shane’s cooking. What was at the beginning an almost singleminded approach to being almost wholly Scandi in its ideal, has relaxed. 

We now take influence from Shane’s Welsh heritage too, an almost Hygge meets Hiraeth approach to cooking. 


Shane Davies-Nilsson, our chef and general operator at Nordik.

Having been been in the industry since the age of 15 and worked at various levels including Michelin recommended Dill Restaurant in Iceland, Harborne Kitchen in Birmingham, Heaney’s in Cardiff, he decided to branch out and make a name for himself with his own brand of cooking. In October 2021, he launched his first two Nordik Kitchen pop-ups at Little man coffee in Cardiff.


Another friendly face you’ll often see at our pop-ups is Evie.

Having worked with Shane in previous establishments, Evie has become an integral part of the team with her beaming smile and warm service.


During our events, you might hear us reference the farm!

In his spare time, Shane spends time on a local farm, where he rears around 700 ewe. A big part of our ethos is supporting ethical farming and local produce, and working on the farm is a massive part of showing our dedication towards that ethos.

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